reversierbar, (30,5KN)

Benzin-Rüttelplatte<br>RP160HPC<br>reversierbar, (30,5KN)
1-Zylinder-4-Takt-OHV Motor
270 cm³
6,0 kW
Beschreibung //////////
The RP160HPC is the mid-range model of Lumags vibratory plates with forward and reverse motion. With its slim design, it is ideal for working in confined spaces such as trenching and sewer construction as well as for making sidewalks and terraces, and enables fast and powerful processing of large areas. It is ideal for compacting soil, gravel or asphalt while being maneuverable and easy to operate, and also absolutely safe to use due to the adjustable guard.
Benzin-Rüttelplatte<br>RP160HPC<br>reversierbar, (30,5KN)
Benzin-Rüttelplatte<br>RP160HPC<br>reversierbar, (30,5KN)
Benzin-Rüttelplatte<br>RP160HPC<br>reversierbar, (30,5KN)
Our special German-developed design with permanently mounted chassis and completely reworked exciter with Japanese ball bearings guarantees a long service life as well as fast and easy direction changes, even in the tightest spaces.
Technische Daten //////////
1-Zylinder-4-Takt-OHV Motor
270 cm³
6,0 kW
6,0 L
ca. 700 x 360 mm
je 700 x 60 mm
67 Hz
30,5 kN
ca. 450 m²/h
20 - 25 m/min
4800 vpm
50 cm
108 dB (A)
ca. 160 kg
ca. 166 / 178 kg
775 x 435 x 1090 mm


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