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With lightness and strength in the luggage, to carry the heaviest loads effortlessly, a small piece of technology, a great happiness. With us you get all kinds of motorized wheel / track dumpers and a variety of innovative electric dumpers!

Electric and gasoline dumpers are interesting in their own way and each has different advantages:

Electric dumpers:

1. environmental friendliness: electric dumpers do not produce harmful emissions because they do not have internal combustion engines. Therefore, they contribute to the reduction of air pollution and CO2 emissions.

2. Quiet: Electric dumpers are quiet in operation as they do not have noisy combustion engines. This makes them ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas, hospitals or schools.

3. lower operating costs: electric dumpers have lower operating costs compared to gasoline or diesel dumpers. Electricity is usually cheaper than fuel, and maintenance costs are usually lower because electric motors have fewer moving parts.

4. high efficiency: electric dumpers usually offer high energy efficiency. Electric drives are more efficient than internal combustion engines and allow for better use of available energy.

Gasoline dumpers:

1. power: gasoline dumpers often offer higher power and tractive force compared to electric dumpers. This makes them suitable for transporting heavy loads or operating in difficult terrain.

2. high mobility: due to the use of internal combustion engines, gasoline dumpers are usually independent of a power source. They can be used anywhere without relying on charging infrastructure.

3. Fast refueling: Unlike electric dumpers that require recharging, gasoline dumpers can be refueled quickly, resulting in less downtime.

4. Long operating time: gasoline dumpers can operate continuously for long periods of time without the need for interruption to recharge the batteries.

Ultimately, the choice between electric and gasoline dumpers depends on the specific requirements of the application, environmental friendliness and individual preferences.

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