Wood Processors

Wood processor
(PTO driven)

Wood processor<br>SSA500Z<br>(PTO driven)
ca. 20 HP
750 1/min
Description //////////
The Lumag SSA500Z automatic PTO saw log splitter is the ideal helper for processing logs. The simple and easy operation as well as the PTO drive make working with larger logs with a diameter of up to 50cm childs play. The automatic function for the removal of the material by means of a belt conveyor further facilitates the work. The three-way control valve set and the PARKER pump & hydraulic motor are already included.
Wood processor<br>SSA500Z<br>(PTO driven)
Wood processor<br>SSA500Z<br>(PTO driven)
Wood processor<br>SSA500Z<br>(PTO driven)
Special features
Designed and engineered in Germany, this product has been a sales success for years and continues to evolve. It features a reinforced splitting cross and high-quality Parker valves, pumps and controls for smooth operation. The automatic splitter is driven by the tractors PTO, and the new practical 250mm wide discharge conveyor facilitates material removal. There are also optional accessories such as a 6-way splitting cross, hydraulic feeder belt, log lifter and log feeder.
Technical specifications //////////
ca. 20 HP
750 1/min
max. 4.500 rpm
max. 284 rpm at 110bar, 285 Nm
63 cm
drive links: 77 / pitch: 3/8" / gauge: .063"
50 cm
10 - 50 cm
5 cm/s
4 cm/s
15 t
3200 x 250 x 2200 mm
0,5 m/s
610 kg (500kg + 110kg)
2000 x 1000 x 1200 mm
1850 x 450 x 570 mm

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